We, the undersigned, are asking all provincial and federal leaders in government to acknowledge the deep and lasting harms inflicted upon Canadians by the lockdowns, restrictions and mandates that were imposed during the COVID pandemic.

The hurt, damage and division these policies caused to individuals, families, businesses and communities was unparalleled and unprecedented.  Although these mandates and restrictions have mostly been lifted, the pain and division in families and communities continues for many to this day. In addition, there are individuals who experienced vaccine injuries and some of those will have life-long pain and/or disability. #WeAreNotOverIt

Specifically, we request the following from government leaders:

  • A Sincere Acknowledgment of Harms and an Apology.
    We ask for a public and sincere acknowledgment from our provincial and federal leaders for the negative impacts and hardships imposed by public health mandates, particularly on the unvaccinated and vaccine injured. Recognizing these effects and apologizing for causing them is the first step towards healing and understanding.

  • Educational Campaigns on Medical Autonomy, Informed Consent, Privacy Rights/ Health Status Discrimination.
    Launch public education campaigns that promote the principles of medical autonomy and informed consent, enhancing public understanding and respect for individual health choices.

  • Equal Employment/Educational Opportunities.
    Introduce and enforce laws that ensure all individuals, regardless of their vaccination status, have equal opportunities in employment and education. This includes protection against discrimination in hiring, promotions, and job terminations.

  • Reinstatement of Pre-Pandemic Public Health Policies.
    We call for the restoration of the public health plans that were effective before the recent pandemic and were unfortunately overlooked or discarded at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes measures that were less intrusive but equally effective in managing public health crises.

As we strive to rebuild and strengthen our community post-pandemic, it is imperative that we address these issues with compassion and fairness. Recognizing that many people have been harmed by pandemic policies and providing necessary support will pave the way for a more resilient society. We ask for your support in making these changes, ensuring that no one is left behind as we move forward together.

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