Unified Grassroots

About Us

Welcome to Unified Grassroots, where our journey began in August 2021 amidst growing concerns about school COVID-19 policies and their impact on our children. Originating from a modest gathering of Saskatchewan parents organized by our founder, Nadine Ness, what started as a private Facebook group quickly evolved into a powerful collective voice. In just a week, our message resonated with thousands in our school division, revealing a significant, yet previously silent, majority.

As vaccine mandates were introduced, our community expanded to include health care workers, educators, and professionals from various fields—many of whom felt unsupported by their unions. Unified Grassroots became their sanctuary, empowering them to unite and strengthen their voices within their professions.

Today, we stand as one of the most formidable conservative non profit organizations in the province of Saskatchewan and beyond, unafraid to address the tough issues that affect our communities and, most importantly, our families. Our mission has grown: we are now dedicated to educating Canadians about the importance of active participation in our democratic processes. We aim to dispel the complacency and lack of involvement that too often characterize public engagement, by enlightening the community on how every voice and vote can truly make a difference.

At Unified Grassroots, we are committed to restoring the voice of reason in the public square, in our institutions, and within government. The power has always belonged to the people, and we are here to remind you how to reclaim it. Join us in this movement, as we unite at the grassroots level to bring about meaningful change. Together, we can take back the reins and make our voices heard.

To be a grassroots driven voice of reason in Canada with a common goal of building relationships within our communities. We stand together as a catalyst for positive change, to protect our traditional Canadian values.

To strive for, support and lobby for policy change while encouraging open, honest and respectful dialogue in hopes to strengthen families and our communities.